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Occupied - Interaction Hints

Posted by Frenchie14 - 1 month ago

If you're here, you're probably going for that shiny "find all 91 interactions" medal in Occupied. Here's some hints to get you started:

  • An "interaction" is anything that pops up in the text bubble. If you click on something and there's three text bubbles back to back from it, that's three interactions
  • Click on EVERYTHING
  • You can only interact with things that get highlighted. There's no "hidden" interactions
  • Click on things multiple times in a row. You may find different interactions with something as you keep interacting with it. If you see text repeating then clicking more won't let you find anything
  • Interactions for each object change depending on what phase of the game you're in (shitting, puking, freshening)
  • Interactions for each object change depending on what state the player is in. For example, interacting with the trash is different depending on whether or not you're sitting on the toilet (and whether or not you've already shit while still sitting on the toilet)

Need more concrete hints? Here's the number of interactions per item:

  • Cabinet: 3
  • Coat: 2
  • Deodorant: 2
  • Door: 2
  • Laxatives: 5
  • Medicine Cabinet: 3
  • Mouthwash: 2
  • Shorts: 3
  • Shower: 9
  • Sunglasses: 2
  • Toilet: 9
  • Toilet Paper: 11
  • Trash: 7
  • Vanity: 4
  • Vanity Mirror: 4
  • Washer Dryer: 6

That adds up to 74. The other 17 are from cutscenes (game start, game end, transitioning between phases), the default interaction ("I don't know what to do with this right now"), and an interaction for everything that's too far from the toilet while shitting ("No way I can reach that from here without getting up")

That's it! Those are all the hints I'm gonna give. I'll leave comments open so you all can help each other out if you find some new / tricky interactions you wanna share.

Good luck and happy shitting! :D



Comments (2)

Okay, here's the thing, the crucial interactions to get all 91 are with toilet paper, at every point in game click toilet paper. The guide is not really useful, because it states the obvious, though

@fuckoffasshole congrats on finding all 91! :D Funny you say the guide isn't useful since you messaged me the last one that was missing and it was from clicking something multiple times ;)

The hard part about making a hints guide is that everyone's "last interaction" is going to be something different. I've got an idea for an enhancement to make it easier - add a 'hint' button directly in the game that will tell you the text / item of a missing interaction. Only sad part about adding something to the game is that everyone's saves get wiped when I upload a new version :(

OK I bit the bullet and added the "HINT" button. Everyone's saves are wiped but it'll probably easier to restart and get 91 than to try to randomly find the last few interactions. Good luck everyone!